MEET KALLY: writer of MiddleMe. She has on her blog site, various articles which serves as a guide to having a successful work life. She’s a stay at home mom, who has made an awesome impact in the world of blogging, by sharing her knowledge with people to benefit from. Kally’s articles are refined, detailed, and easy to comprehend. She has not only helped those in the working class, but also young bloggers who are aspiring to have a career one day in the future. Kally’s articles are one of the best guides in picking your career field. This is a link to her blog site. Show some love to Kally!

In this interview, Kally has shared some of her blogging experiences and a few blogging tips for both new bloggers and old bloggers. I hope you find this interview useful and knowledgeable.


*Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

Hello, everyone. Thank you Aishah for this interview opportunity! I’m Kally, the writer of I am a Singaporean living in Malaysia, being a stay-at-home mom as well as a successful freelancing writer and recruiter. I have been in the corporate world for more than 20 years and I have seen coworkers and friends making bad decisions in their careers that in turn, affect their personal lives as well. We spend more than 40 hours at work every week, some of us even exceed 80 hours in the office. So if you are not happy doing what you are doing, not pursuing your passion aggressively, you are actually wasting precious time on something you don’t believe in. Hence, the birth of MiddleMe. is all about making your work life successful and satisfying. Creating a balance in your work and personal life, you deserve to be happy all the time. Finding your passion in life and making sure that those hours you clock in at work will impact will create change, impact lives and make a difference, no matter how small.

*What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

If I am not blogging, I’ll be spending most of my time with my daughter and volunteering at a non-profit organization for parents and children. With whatever extra time I can squeeze out, I am working on my book as well. Watch out for it!

*Could you describe one of your typical working days?

There are no typical workdays for me. Whether I am a career woman leading a team of 50 or a freelancer copywriting for a start-up, my schedule is very fluid. I love challenging myself and I juggle plenty on my plate.

*How did you first get involved with blogging?

When I was in the business world, I couldn’t find friendly, easy-to-read articles on tough career articles. Many of the articles I found in Time, Forbes even are great but sometimes they are too difficult or too long for the masses to comprehend / digest. Many of my team members and coworkers are not native English readers hence big words knock them off.

Once I hang up my corporate suit and heels, I kept having (and still have) ex-colleagues approaching me for career advice. I noticed that I am repeating myself, just to different people and I thought “Wouldn’t it be more productive if I can record what I have just advised and share it out so I don’t have to say it again?”

Both reasons compelled me to start a website for folks who are stuck in work.

*How would you describe your blogging style?

Friendly, easy-to-read and definitely positive. I won’t go for dull and uninteresting. I like to touch on practical and sometimes sensitive topics. I do write a lot on workplace abuse because I think that is one area we need to talk about and explore deeper. There are plenty of media giving attention to personal abuse but when it comes to workplace abuse, discrimination and bullying, it gets buried under piles of lawsuits.

*Tell me about some of the people you have met while working on on your blog.

I love talking to people from all walks of life. With advanced technology, it is easy to meet likeminded people from every part of the world. From photojournalist to a TEDx speaker speaker even a recruiter, they are all very interesting, passionate and goal-driven professionals. Most of them inspire me to write more and give more to my readers.

*Many people struggle with coming up with different articles or posts, how do you keep upwith material content for your blog?

Read more and talk more. It is easy for me to coop myself up at home, taking care of my young child but I don’t do that. Even though I hardly drive, I go out almost everyday and meet new faces. Everyone has a story to tell, it is whether you listen hard enough. These stories often inspire new ideas. And of course, the encouragement and support from my readers never fail to push me to write better articles.

*What is the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?

Sincerity. If you put in your heart and soul in your work, your readers will feel it. If you feel passionate about your blog, you will attract people to care about your blog as well.

*What are some tips for people interested in making money from blogging?

Ah.. That you will have to read it in this post. It’s too long to write it down here. In short, you’ll need to make sure your blog has high readership before you can see money rolling in. Blogging is hard work.

*What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and blog?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn promoting MiddleMe. I still think what really works is through word-of-mouth. It impressed the most, goes a long way and best of all, its free!

*What is your take on sponsored reviews?

I have nothing against sponsored reviews as long as it is something the writer believe in and align with the theme of the blog. I will take in sponsored reviews, only if they aligned with my criteria.

*If someone were interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Well, start off with a niche and research if someone else is blogging the same thing as you. We all want to be THAT travel blogger so what is it that makes you stand out from the 10,000 travel bloggers? Why do someone has to read your article? Or follow you? Just figuring out your niche, your domain name and the layout of your website is enough to overwhelm you from the start. Do that properly and the rest will tie in quite nicely.

Once again, thank you for inviting me for an interview, Aishah. It has been a pleasure to introduce my work to your readers and I enjoyed myself answering your well thought through questions.

I hope we can work on future collaborations.



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